Unjustly listed as a bad credit payer

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16 Oct 2015
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I was listed on ITC in November 2011 for a doctor’s bill dating back to 2006. My medical aid did not pay the bill and in all that time I never received a reminder or bill for this. I was then bullied into signing an acknowledgement of debt by an attorney and ended paying R7000 for a bill that was only R700. I found out about the listing on ITC, paid the monies and when I heard about the amnesty I was pleased as I did not have to pay someone else R3000 to clear my name. Yesterday I discovered that the listing on ITC is still there and does not reflect that I had paid the attorney the money which was done by May of 2012.


This matter was sourced from sister website ujuh.co.za. Some of the details are hidden and can be accessed from the publisher.

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