Vodacom treated me unjustly in suspending a service but continue to charge me

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13 Jan 2016
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To whom ever it may concern

A few months ago, I was locked in a billing dispute with Vodacom after my data account reflected a R12 000 bill gathered over a period of two months. The four months long dispute has since been settled after some compromise on both sides. I did walk away from the matter still feeling uncomfortable about one aspect. This is the part which saw Vodacom suspend their service from the time we declared a dispute until it was resolved. But then Vodacom continued to levy a monthly service as per our contract. From speaking to a number of people it would seem that this is a widespread happening cutting across all service providers in this season of disputes over data billing. I’m no lawyer but something tells me there is something fundamentally wrong when a service provider suspends a contractual service, when the service provider ceases to meet their contractual obligation in the contract, when the service provider freezes the contract; but continues to charge me a monthly service fee. I would understand the continuation of the monthly levy if my contract came with a financed device. I came to this contract with my own device. The question is: What was Vodacom charging me for after they had suspended the contractual service? In my view the service fee should have ceased too whilst the service provider suspended service during the term of the dispute.



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