She Wants To Take Our Property: How to secure The Family Home

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13 Feb 2016
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Dear ProBonoMatters

I write on behalf of myself, my family and many other people in formerly black townships. In generic terms; the matter at hand can be summarised via the following question: How to securely maintain The Family Home? I’m faced by this question following the death of my uncle who pillared The Family Home. This is the house which belonged to my maternal grandparents and became a home to many of their off-springs; children, grandchildren and great grand children.

Starting as a four roomed, Match Box, house; this property has been modified and extended into a little mansion via what can be called multi-generational family equity. With me being a grandchild, my uncle pillared this home for the benefit of all who cared after the passing on of my grandparents. When my mother had patriarchal troubles at her house, she escaped with us into the remarkable warmth of The Family Home. We stayed happily with relative privacy on the back room structure until we found our way out. I must state that, it was my brother who invested into the back rooms and the garage.

When my entrepreneurial cousin hit financial glitches he found succour in the same structure. Many others in the family have been saved from homelessness by The Family Home with my uncle as a pillar and always surrounded by host of mini sub families. When my uncle past on, he was in the company of three of my cousins and a recently acquired wife. The new member of the family, my uncles wife, is seeking to monopolise The Family Home to the detriment of many. Apparently she is taking advantage of the status of her husband in relations to this property. It is said that my uncle was somehow declared the sole owner of The Family Home. As such my uncle’s Wife is heir to the throne due to a marriage arranged as in community of property.

I have to state that I have my own home where my household is comfortably stationed and I have a place I call home which is held by my Parents but still the possibility of being estranged to The Family Home pains me a lot.

I know for a fact that many other people have gone through this situation. I therefore ask: Is there a legally sound arrangement to permanently secure The Family Home.



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