Can you help me get a court order to secure maintenance from the father of my kids

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28 Apr 2016
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Good Day ProBonoMatters

I would like to know if you offer legal representative services for maintenance issues.

I have given up on getting a maintenance court order and I feel that the justice system of our country favours the rich.

It took the maintenance court 8 months to serve him summons to appear in court for maintaining his children. In order for him to maintain his kids I have to be nice to him, if not, my kids suffer.

Currently he is maintaining them but when I sit down and calculate, I am the one who contributes more than 2/3rd on the children’s expenses and when I brought this to his attention, he blocked my number. As I am typing this, I have this fear that if he doesn’t pay maintenance this month, my kids will not be able to attend school this coming month as we are moving houses and I used all my salary to secure deposit and rental for the month.

He is a self-employed medical doctor who also runs a number of other businesses. He promised to pay the school fees for my older son but in 2015 I had to go and make arrangements to pay off the fees he had failed to pay. The same thing is going to happen this year. All I need is a court order that will force him to pay a fair share on a monthly basis and not only when he feels like it. I feel so powerless as it seems like the SA justice system favours the rich while trampling on the rights of the less fortunate.

Unfortunately my current financial situation does not allow me to get a lawyer that will represent me in court. Kindly assist or please refer me to an organisation that can. I don’t want a lot from him but I need him to contribute a fair amount. I am even unable to service my own debt as all my money goes towards my children’s expenses.

Kind regards SK

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