A Family man is engaged in infidelity with my wife: Help me claim damages for emotional distress

Posted on:
20 May 2016
Posted by:
L Chimutondo

An elder family man, is engaged in infidelity with my wife. I discovered after my wife was sick. He has been having sex with my wife of 10 years and they have a relationship. I confronted the man over the phone and he denied but the wife confessed that it is true they have an affair. I don’t have money to sue him for causing emotional pain in my life, breaking the marriage I have worked hard for 13 years. I have two kids, if I leave my wife they will suffer as I cannot support two houses. He deliberately did this knowing I cannot do anything as I’m struggling financially. I would like to claim damages for the pain and also when I leave my wife he must make sure the kids are looked after as he knew that she had kids. Intentional breaking her marriage would mean kids will suffer.

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