Debit order mistake

Posted on:
12 May 2016
Posted by:
Milton Ramothata

I Mamokoba Milton Ramothata with ID 660507…, would like to humbly request your intervention in a situation where I believe my consumer rights and dignity have been compromised and need a satisfactory recourse other than a mere apology even though a correction has been done and a normal discount even if this situation didn’t happen. I had a deal with Mazda Eastrand to buy a Mazda BT50 bakkie and all the necessary operational details were done including finance which was pre-approved by ABSA, On the 25th of February 2016 when I was collected from my workplace to take delivery of the vehicle, I got bad news on arrival that the deal has fallen through because there was a bank rejection on my account caused by the unscrupulous debit order from DPLS on the 24th, which was deplorable as the agreement categorically states the correct date of the 25th/26th. And that is how I lost the deal and also had my reputation dented, which I communicated to Aisha and Sarah Nel who only apologised and I am left with a bad reputation, dented image and no deal to show, hence I humbly request assistance from your good office. The culprits’ contacts are as follows:

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