I caught on duty ADT officer drinking and having sex in my house

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6 May 2016
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In 2010, I was in the process of buying a house in Despatch (Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape) from a sister who was divorcing with hubby. I’d go sleep occasionally in it while the bank was finalising settlement.

One day, the 27th of October 2010, on entering the house to see if all was in order, I found ADT officer on duty drinking and having sex in the house. I tied him up, took his firearm and called the Police. He was arrested released and fired from ADT. I left the matter in the hands of the Despatch Police Station.

I was never called to court nor called by ADT since then. I’m sure they swept my case under the carpet. But as for ADT they would have never fired the guy if no wrong doing was done. And there was nothing for me for the unlawful entry of their officer on duty in my house.

I have never tried suing them. I have pictures as proof, wanted to spread them on social media networks but am sure they can pay for breach of trust as they should protect us and our properties. I can get a case number and all to authenticate all this.

Please help me teach them a lesson.

Mncedisi Mazomba

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