My kids have been shipped out of the country: Help me secure shared custody

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3 May 2016
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Attention ProBonoMatters

I am a father of two awesome kids a girl and a boy who are below the age of 5. May you please assist me in acquiring shared custody of the kids. I have not seen my kids since January, this year. They left with their mom to visit their grandmother who stays in a neighboring country.

When she came back in February she did not bring the kids as agreed but brought her mom instead who helped her move her things from our home to an unknown address as we are not legally married.

My kids mean the world to me. I am not formally employed but work from home. Even though the business is still quite small, I have always made sure that rent is paid and the basics are taken care of. I always helped around the house as we did not have a maid. So I cooked for the kids, cleaned the house, did the dishes, changed diapers, bathed the kids and I also made time to play with the kids while their mother is at work.

I know for a fact my kids have been taken to a neighboring country without my consent. I am being denied the chance to look after my kids and yet the mother of the kids does not even want to stay with them. The kids use my surname and I am sure the new Home Affairs regulations regarding minors were put in place to safeguard illegal migration without my consent. As my current financial situation does not allow me to engage the services of a lawyer formally, I am willing to barter my design services to develop a fresh new website or redesign your corporate identity.

Thank you in advance.

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