ProBonoMatters: South Africa needs a strong ecosystem of free legal service for the poor

3 May 2016


ProBonoMatters  founder, Sibonelo Radebe was on 702 Radio speaking to talk-show host, Azania Mosaka, about the Nkosana Makate/Vodacom case and how it reflects a major weakness within South Africa’s justice system.

The conversation was sparked by an article titled: Why we mourn when many celebrate Nkosana Makate’s victory. This piece lamented the fact that many South Africans are not in the position to protect their rights and freedoms due to expensive legal fees.

Sibonelo Radebe argues that South Africa needs a strong pro-bono-matters ecosystem to maximise access to the justice system for all. ProBonoMatters was established to facilitate free legal service for people can’t who have no money to hire a lawyer.

You can listen to the 702 conversation from here:

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