Franchisor has robbed us with empty promises

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6 Jun 2016
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In 2012/13 I was enticed into buying into a courier service franchise opportunity that proved to be too good to be true. The franchise is called X3X Couriers. I know of three other buyers who fell victim to this scheme.

Since day one this venture proved to be doomed. The minute the financial aspect was finalized our lives became a nightmare. Contractually many promises/commitments were made by the franchisor,  PR, which never materialized.

  1. To be trained and equipped to “X3X standards and specifications”
  2. To be mentored and guided
  3. Supplied with Operating Manual
  4. Extensive Quality checks and reporting to be done regularly, as well as ongoing research and development. 5. We were supposed to be supplied with merchandising/promotional material to grow our business
  5. Supposed to disclose, as per regulations, viability statements relating to profits and turnover as well as a list of other franchisees/members as he calls us.
  6. Access to warehouses

The franchisor has failed us in every aspect. He never introduced or even exposed us to each other, we managed to track each other down, through our quest to settle this matter, by then we realised that we were all scammed. On numerous occasions we tried to settle this amicably, but each time Rick just vanishes into thin air, just to reappear with more lies and empty promises.

At this stage to be honest with you, some of us are at the end of the rope with this person, and we would not like to be in a position where one takes the law into our own hands, we’ve all incurred huge financial losses through this venture, and I for one even lost my bakkie (nearly lost my family in the process). On the 11th we wrote him a letter of demand, giving him seven days to settle, on the 15th he responds and requested our banking details. In writing he promised to pay us out the following day after showing a screenshot of Standard bank going through scheduled maintenance. From there everything just went quite.

Note from ProBonoMatters

Names of affected persons have been provisionally disguised by ProBonoMatters in the interest of fairness. The names will remain disguised for a week to allow for the process of soliciting a right of reply from parties implicated in the story. We do this to satisfy ourselves that we have reached a fair balance between the victims’ account and replies from implicated parties. We will in a week’s time lift the veil and expose the real names of implicated parties. We will moderate the account if needs be.

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