Please Help: I think my mother’s will was manipulated

Posted on:
20 Jun 2016
Financial, Personal
Posted by:
Clara Gertrude Basting


My mother died and left her entire estate to her sister in law while I am her only biological child who took care of her in the final months of her life. She was manipulated into making a will in this way. She had brain surgery before she was taken to have the will drawn up. During the final years of her life there were large sums of money drawn from her account indicating that she was financing her sister in law. I would like to contest the will because I do not believe that these were in fact her wishes. She always said she didn’t need a will because she only has one child and it would all go to her anyway. The name of deceased: Christina F Sparks. Reference number at Master of the Western Cape High Court: 015665/2015. The lawyer appointed to deal with the estate has said she can’t do the contestation of the will and we must seek help elsewhere. I do not have the fees to challenge this case. I would appreciate assistance with the case. The estate has assets such as cash and a residential property. Looking forward to hearing from you. Email response is preferred.

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