We bought property but cannot take occupation because the previous owner wont move

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14 Jun 2016
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We just recently bought a repossessed property from a agency called iIati – FN Investments and when they are supposed to evict the previous owners of the property they tell us we can do that ourselves and I also just found out another story from a guy who bought a property from them, he is still battling to evict the previous owner, on a property he bought 4 years ago, please advice what can we do from this point on, because we are so frustrated, we don’t have accommodation at the moment because we cant afford to pay for accommodation where we were staying now.. Please help.

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    • maud

      Not yet, it is still a struggle and now its a year we’ve been waiting to move in and it frustrating because the people who should be making effort are the one who are giving us the run around

      • Neo

        I guess this is FN Investment style of doing business.
        I also bought a house with them last year and six months has passed and Im still struggling to take occupation.

        They initially promised to handle and pay for eviction order process. I even have a recording of the employee Mpumi saying that they would pay. And now all of a sudden this year they say I have to pay for it.

        I have been in contact with the director Francois Vermeulen who is refusing to assist or get involved by the looks of the emails.

        I would give you advise of what I did, contact your lawyer, then send an email to the board of housing.

        They need to be exposed of what they do, which is exactly what I’m going to do. I won’t leave this.

  1. Bradley

    Here i was thinking am the only we one
    We also bought a house from FN paid them in cash n its almost a year n they not doing much or saying anything i think we must work together to nail them

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