Can the school hand me to debt collectors without notice

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22 Oct 2016
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I am submitting this matter on behalf of my son who does not have internet facilities or an email address. My son is divorced and has a child (daughter) from his ex-wife. He married again and has a second child (son) from this marriage. Supervision and control over his first minor child (daughter) was granted to his ex-wife. A maintenance order is in place whereby he pays maintenance for his first minor child (daughter). Payment of maintenance is kept strictly up to date. His ex-wife failed to pay school fees this year, apparently because she has become unemployed. My son has now been served with a final demand to pay for the outstanding school fees with costs to the amount of R21 980.26. My son was in contact with the school to mitigate the matter but the school is not willing to waive payment. My son had no previous dealings with the school, never received any accounts and was not informed of the status quo of this account. He was handed over to a debt collector without any prior notice and not informed of his rights or afforded an opportunity to give input. Is there any legal guidance available for the way forward with the matter? Looking forward to a response. Kind regards, Jack

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