Is this how chicken is injected with salt water?

12 Oct 2016

A video that purports to display how chicken meat get to be injected with salted water in order to make it look fatter and weigh much more than its real weight has gone viral on social media.

The video shows what looks like an electric injector in action on a table with a big bunch of poultry meat set to be injected. It is not clear if this is how the practice called brining is actually done.

The practice called brining caused lots of protest noise in South Africa when it hit popular media a few years ago. Concerns ranged from accusations that the practice amounts to ripping off consumers to protest that it may pose a health risk.

Debates are raging as South Africa prepares to introduce new brining regulations. There was no limit for brining in South Africa. Industry average is estimated to be around 30% of the actual weight. The new regulations are proposing a limit of 15% of the chicken’s weight.


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