Please Help: I was accused, charged and dismissed from work of sexual harassment without any evidence

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7 Oct 2016
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I was accused of harassing females employees, whereby the company accused me of requesting sexual favours to female employees before they can get the job. But what surprises me is that they got their jobs without sleeping with me but they claim that they are scared working with me because I can fire them. The company believed they had a case and terminated my contract, however I still ask myself that how did my company come to conclusion that their story have facts, when I didn’t sleep with anyone or threatened to fire anyone if they do not sleep with me. And they didn’t produce any kind of prove except what they said by their statements written by my accusers.

Does allegations become facts because 2 people said they must visit me or because there is prove that shows that I forced them to sleep with me? If someone says you asked them to come and sleep with you on Whatsapp, is it not the accuser that should provide evidence to the hearing? To my surprise the chairperson asked me to provide information of Whatsapp to prove that I didn’t say those words. Since I never had such chats isn’t the accuser that should back up the story by including such evidence? Isn’t possible that you sexual harass someone and she claims that you too you have a good working relationship, but yet she is not happy to be around you, how do you separate the two? (enjoy working together but scared working with me)? If a company is filled with cameras and an employee says you slap her bum, but they cannot provide footage evidence, but they believe the witness is telling the truth, where could they have proved that the information is correct? Please help.


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