An arrest made on false allegations and without making an investigation

Posted on:
21 Nov 2016
Posted by:
Yvonne Monareng

My sister decided on her own to hire a foreign national to stay at home (at my parent’s house) and serve as a nanny to a 12 year old child. Upon this discovery I went home and had a meeting with the hired woman in order to make her aware that I was not consulted about her occupation of the house. I gave her a notice, requesting that she leaves the house by 12h00 on Friday, 18/11/2016. I called her on Friday to remind her about the notice, on that telephonic conversation we agreed that she will leave the house at 10h00 and handover the key to a neighbour. I called the neighbour at around 10h15 to check if the house keys have been handed over. I was told that she had not brought the keys, when I called her cellphone she did not answer until the phone took me through to voicemail. I became worried about the house keys since there was no response from the lady. I then requested my cousin to assist by changing the door lock because house keys are in possession of a foreign national who does not have a work permit. Upon arrival they found her in the house yet she was supposed to leave at 10h00 in the morning. On the same day a Police officer went to my uncle’s place to arrest my cousin claiming that the 12 year old child said she was thrown out of the house. My cousin did not speak to both the child and the foreign national when they were changing the door lock. The same cousin used to stay with that child because the mother is living in Kuruman with a boyfriend. That child left my uncle’s place due to not wanting to be disciplined for not going to school and spending time with boys in a locked house at her age. The mother of this child is reported to be staying in Kimberly with a boyfriend. She receives the child support grant and spends it where she stays with her boyfriend. Both the mother and child are on HIV treatment. The child’s behaviour has become so shocking that she takes instructions from the mother, make false allegations and today people have been arrested.

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