Defendant is ducking and diving in a Small Claims Court matter

Posted on:
3 Nov 2016
Posted by:
Jabulani Dathini

I have instituted a civil claim case at the small claims court against a guy who caused a collision damage to my car. Summonses have been served on him but the sister in law claimed that the person been summoned does not stay there anymore. She claims the person has moved to another jurisdiction. From my own investigation found out that this was not true. I got information about the other address he seems to resides in, tried to trace it, and found that the street does exist but cannot locate the number that he has given to the traffic authorities as proof of resident in that street. I have tried to phone him several times, but it seems he is ignoring my call even if a different number is used. I do not have the other means to trace him and do not know what to do? What options do I have to resolve this matter? I’m frustrated, as I have been trying to trace him for the past 2 and half months now, with no success. It seems to me, he does not stay outside a Jurisdicted area as previously indicated by his sister in- law, I think it was just a way for the sister-in-law to hibernate him.

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