I’ve suffered slander of the worst order: I want to sue for defamation.

Posted on:
20 Nov 2016
Posted by:
zaytoon samsodien

Good day..I pray you are well by the grace of the Almighty.

I am a 27 year old Muslim woman who dons the veil. I have two children and have been divorced for 5 years and have turned down many proposals for religious matters. I have finally found my person but… My persons ex wife (islamically divorced not legally yet) sent him an SMS saying someone phoned her and told her a few things about the woman he wants to marry. She doesn’t know me at all. A few days later a close female friend of his who doesn’t know me visited him at work and told him to stay away from me because of the following reasons which are all untrue: I wear the veil because I’m ashamed of the reason I got divorced which are: I had an affair with my father in law, his wife caught us in bed. My ex husband done a paternity test and my son is not his but his fathers. My person claims that his ex wife and friend have no contact rather the story is out in the community. I have no money to pay for an advocate to sue them. It is my right as a Muslim woman to clear my name and is considered an act of worship which is all I want to do. Besides my name its my ex father in law and ex husbands name too. Not to mention my son who may grow up and question his identity due to this slander. Thank you for your time.

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