Medical malpractice at Chris Hani ‘Baragwanath’ caused my child’s death

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1 Dec 2016
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Hi my name is Emmanuel Mahamba. My son Neo Motake was born on the 12th December 2015 in Chris Hani Baragwanath. He was born 7 months pre-mature and after being conceived he was in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) due to respiratory problems. My son’s health deteriorated due to the negligence of the staff of the Chris Hani Hospital. As seen on the video he sustained head injuries between the 7th and 10th January. The manner in which the drip was inserted caused severe infections which led to fatal repercussion’s. He died on the 2nd of March. I lodge my first complaint July 2016 at the Chris Hani Baragwanath and haven’t received any feedback from them. I contacted Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC) on the 31st October. On the OHSC helpdesk, I was in contact with Tina who stated that I should send the video of my son’s proof of negligence to the OHCS by e-mail. This has caused immense grief and we would be happy if the department launched an investigation as we believe that the death of my son could’ve been avoided if proper procedure were followed.

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  1. Monnatau

    This complaint is in our register and receiving the necessary attention. Management of a complaint is a process which can take six months to finalise.
    We request that you be patient and if you need to follow up with us directly.

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