My FNB business account was placed on hold without legally sound cause

Posted on:
8 Jan 2017
Commercial, Consumer
Posted by:
Morris Matjie

FNB placed my business account on hold because of a dispute between me and my client. However the client had not filed for lawsuit and there was no court judgement against me. All the client did was write an affidavit falsely claiming that she suspect my company has defrauded her as she could not reach us on the phone when I forgot company cellphone back in Pretoria while travelling to Limpopo. I explained this in an email to my client, thus opening up email as the only possible means of communication until I returned to Pretoria. But the client presented the affidavit to FNB and my account was later placed on hold. My worry is that FNB did not phone me before or after the hold was placed on my account to notify me of the situation. I only found out about it when I tried to transact and the transaction failed, then I went into the branch to inquire. I was told the reason for the hold was suspicion of fraud. By that time I had already given my client 75% of her work (about 90 paged of the agreed 125 pages). My grievance is that FNB improperly placed my account on hold. I want to sue the bank but I have no money to do this. I seek pro bono legal services to have this matter either settled out of court or heard in a civil court. Do I have a case? Can I get pro bono legal assistance? What are my chances of success in this matter? Which court has jurisdiction over this matter? For how much should I sue or what settlement amount should I demand? Please help. I am frustrated and aggrieved by the action of my bank placing a hold on my company bank account without telling me. The hold was only removed when I insisted that the client must present an affidavit to FNB to remove the hold. She did an affidavit but apparently did not sent it to FNB. So I insisted she send it to me so I could send it to FNB. The hold was removed after I sent it to fraud consultant who placed it on hold, Samantha Triegaardt. I suspect my client probably knows someone in FNB who exercised undue influence.

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