Neglected mining house property is a nuisance. It habours criminals

Posted on:
8 Jan 2017
Posted by:
Sarel Klaassen

I am the owner of a residential property in Rustenburg. The property adjacent to the back of my home is a panhandle stand, belonging to a mining company. The previous occupants of the mine house vacated the premises some 4 months ago, and the place has been vacant since. The house on the property has been vandalised and is currently in a derelict state. Criminals are now using the property to gain access to the neighboring properties to practice their skills. Despite our best efforts to safeguard our home, we are suffering petty theft on a regular basis. The perimeter is fenced with precast concrete, supplemented by palisade extensions on top. A security camera system has been installed recently, which was used to good effect to apprehend a burglar who invaded my property. In spite of this, we suffered a substantial loss, none of the stolen goods were recovered. We have been in personal contact with the housing department of the mine to address the situation, with no effect. They (sort of) promised regular security patrols…. I am seriously concerned about the safety of my family. The place next doors affords easy, private access for petty criminals and the violent ones are afforded the same privileges by the negligent attitude of the mine group. I work abroad and thus cannot be there full time to help protect my family and property. Are there any clear cut legal avenues to force the mine to deal with the situation? Advice will be highly appreciated.

Sarel Klaassen.

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