Vodacom stands accused of stealing tech innovation from small players

Posted on:
25 Jan 2017
Posted by:
Pieter van Vuuren

Please find here information relating to a Vodacom practice of misappropriating technologies from smaller companies, by the use of misrepresentation. This practice is in direct contravention of Vodacom’s declared business principles.

The Vodacom strategy plays out as follows:

  • Vodacom invites a smaller technology company to present their product to Vodacom
  • Vodacom shows interest and offers attractive verbal agreements.
  • Vodacom then extracts Product details and samples under the guise of pre-implementation testing/ information for heads of agreement/ or any other means.
  • Vodacom sever the relationship with the originator of the technology once they have the required information.
  • Vodacom then create/re-create the product and use it without having the originator involved.

Evidence of this practice can be gleaned frm a number of stories which which have been catured by the media:

Knott-Craig stole our ideas


Shadow of suicide hangs over Vodacom


Damages claim hangs over Vodacom JSE listing

https://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-149736453.html AirTime Advance

Vodacom seeks ‘Airtime Advance’ lawsuit dismissal

http://www.fin24.com/Tech/Companies/vodacom-accused-of-stealing-airtime-advance-idea-20160310 Pieter van Vuuren

Small supplier accuses Vodacom of abuse

Show intergrity

In conclusion, I believe it is clear from the above examples that Vodacom are quite comfortable with repeatedly using this strategy to acquire technology products from small companies, at no cost, and at negligible risk to themselves.

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