Going through divorce: My lawyer had withdraw. How do I approach the pension funds?

Posted on:
19 Feb 2017
Posted by:
anita jordan

I’m going through a process of divorce. My Lawyer withdrew his service after we reached an agreement with the divorcing partner. Do I have to appoint a new lawyer or will it automatically become uncontested?
If the latter, what should I do next?
We agreed to 50% of each others pensionable interest. His pension is about 5 times more than mine. If I resigned before my ‘court date’, I will need my pension and provident savings, but I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot and potentially loose out on my divorce settlement.
My questions are: If I resign before going to court:

1. What should happen to my AF pension fund? (in my best interest)
2. If I move 100 % from only my pension fund (cash out provident) into a preservation fund, may I still claim 50% pensionable interest from him?
3. What will happen if I take my entire benefit in cash? Can I still claim from his benefit and reimburse 50% of my benefit owed to him?
4. Are there legal implications?

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