These people are opening a passageway at our doorstep

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4 Feb 2017
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Greetings ProBonoMatters

My mother was given an RDP house by the state some time ago. When the house was given to her it came with a clearly measured and marked land area.

But now people came by to open a passageway on part of the house land. The passageway they want to build is right in front of my mother’s dining room. What I want to know is, is there any way to stop these people from making the passage here because this space was awarded to my mother her own plus the old passage wasn’t where they now want build at. Please I need your help.

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  1. PBM_Admin


    It could be that the property comes with a servitude, that allows for the passage.A servitude is a registered right that a person has over an immovable property of another.
    You might want to clarify a couple of things about your matter. You refer to people coming to open the passageway: Who exactly are these people? Where is this passageway leading to?

    • Nonhlanhla

      A while back before the RDP houses were built,municipality started building a passage but didn’t finish it and where the old passage is at there are even street lights to show that the passage is suppose to go there.

      The people i am talking about says they were sent by the municipality and they say they say they have a map that shows them that the passage is suppose to be imfront of my mums house but when we ask them to show us the map they give us the run around.

      What i think is that the council just wanna put the passagr where ever it can fit just to say they’ve built it because where the old passage is supposed to be at they’ve built RDP houses for other people

      Now the only little space available is infront of my mums house and to other RDP houses that have space on their yards

      Please help with legal action that we can take or places we can go to

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