What is the Credit Ombud and how does it work

5 Feb 2017

Do you have a longstanding credit dispute that refuses to be resolved? You can take your matter to the Credit Ombud where you will get free dispute resolution services.

The Office of the Credit Ombud resolves complaints from consumers and businesses that are negatively impacted by credit bureau information or when a consumer has a dispute with a credit provider.

The Credit Ombud service is free of charge and the only requirements that must be met are:

The Credit Ombud follows an informal dispute resolution . The rulings of the Ombud are binding on its Members (Credit Providers, Credit Bureaus).

If the complainant is not happy with the decision of the office, he/she can seek alternative remedies to resolve the matter, or may approach the National Credit Regulator.

Contact options for the Credit Ombud are as follows:

You can log the complaint telephonically through this telephone number: 0861 66 2837.

You can complete an online Complaint Form which can be accessed from:  http://www.creditombud.org.za/

You can also print the Complaint Form, complete it by hand and email to ombud@creditombud.org.za or post it to PO Box 805, Pinegowrie, 2123.


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