You can challenge your Credit Bureau Record with Credit Ombud

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5 Feb 2017
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Are you unhappy about your credit record which was given to a potential credit provider who then declined your loan application?

You can challenge the credit record and the credit bureau which issued the record if you think that it is inaccurate. You can take your complaint to the office of the Credit Ombud.

How would you know that the credit report given to the potential credit provider is inaccurate? That record must be consistent with your free annual credit report.

According to the National Credit Regulator: “When a consumer requests a credit report, the said report must disclose identical information to that which will be displayed should such a report be provided to a third party.

If the accuracy of the consumer credit information is challenged by a consumer, the following steps should be taken:

  1. The consumer must contact the credit bureau concerned to raise an objection or lodge a complaint;
  2. The bureau has 20 business days in which to resolve the issue;
  3. If the bureau is unable to resolve the issue, the consumer should refer the matter to the Credit Information Ombudsman (CIO);
  4. Should the CIO be unable to find a resolution, the NCR will intervene on the request of the CIO.

Note that the National Credit Regulator will not be able to deal with the complaint until the complainant has first contacted the credit bureau.

Contact options for the Credit Ombud are as follows:

You can log the complaint telephonically through this telephone number: 0861 66 2837.

You can complete an online Complaint Form which can be accessed from:

You can also print the Complaint Form, complete it by hand and email to or post it to PO Box 805, Pinegowrie, 2123.

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