Divorced. Former partner agreed to monthly accrual and maintenance payments. He suddenly stopped. What do I do?

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13 Apr 2017
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I was divorced in the Cape Town High Court in December 2015 with the following settlement. The accrual from the divorce is being paid off monthly. Payments get made together with maintenance. And maintenance has increased according to the inflation (CPI) in December 2016. Our child’s lifestyle is maintained and the child was put into private schooling January 2017.

Accrual payments was suddenly stopped in February 2017 and maintenance was self-reduced and in arrears from February 2017. I have lodged a complaint with the Bellville Magistrates Court in February 2017 for criminal investigation. Criminal investigator told me it will take many months before investigations start and no further action can be taken i.e. warrant of execution.

I just want to know: Where to now? And is it easier for the payer of maintenance/accrual to stop than the other party to claim? High Court Order does not help when one of the parties does not comply. Please assist if possible. CS

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