Firm has breached settlement agreement. What is my recourse?

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13 Apr 2017
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I was consulting for a firm and I left after one month because I was unable to work with the firm’s management and payment disagreements.  I was administrator of a Facebook page given to me and created by previous employee which she had created to generate sales to earn commission. I did the required work and when I left I advised the owner of the firm that I would hand over the Facebook page to him as soon as I received monies owed to me. We agreed to a settlement verbally, with me being paid a portion of what the firm owed me and I would remove a post off my page. A written agreement was emailed back and forth with the balance payment being promised the next day and me handing over all information including Facebook page over. No payment was received with excuses on his side. Facebook removed my page as he reported it for Trademark violation although he had no trademark registration as confirmed by his lawyer. What is my recourse?

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