You can now apply, secure and print a tax clearance instantly

8 Apr 2017


You can now apply and secure a tax clearance certificate instantly via the eFiling platform of the South African Revenue Services (SARS). This forms part of the highly commendable trail of the ever improving SARS online service offering.

The process that avails the instant tax clearance certificate was revealed to me this week as I scurried around to get my house in order for a big upcoming job. I contacted SARS via the call centre to help me with some pre-tax clearance issues. I did not bargain to sort out those issues, proceed into applying for tax clearance certificate and have it ready for printing within a few minutes from the comfort of my home.

SARS has been offering the online tax clearance application service for a while. But you needed to physically visit a SARS office to get a print out of the tax clearance certificate. And you needed to wait for about two days for your tax clearance to be issued, even if all your tax affairs are in order.

You no longer need to do that harrowing visit to a SARS center. And you won’t have to wait for the minimum of two day if your tax affairs are in order.

Mind you, I had some issues and I was able to sort out those issues online and proceeded into applying for the tax clearance. My application was approved instantly and a tax certificate was supposedly ready for printing.

But I encountered issues right at the end of the process. I could see that my tax clearance application had been approved, a certificate issued but I could not print it due to what the SARS agent characterised as browser compatibility issues.

So how does it work?

You obviously must be registered for eFiling.

Login and land on the eFiling home page.

Let’s assume you have already applied for your tax clearance via efiling a few seconds earlier. (See how to apply for Tax Clearance Certificate)

Navigate towards the Tax Status icon from the main menu bar

Clicking on Tax Status icon will yield a left field horizontally organised menu.

Click on Tax Compliance Status. You can then click on My Compliance Profile if you suspect that you have some outstanding issues. This will tell you what your issues are.

If you have no issues, Click on Tax Compliance Status Request. This will lead you to a screen with your business details. Focus on the second half of the page, on a box titled  Tax Compliance Status.

Look for Status of Existing Request.

And follow on to Good Standing or Tender, whichever is applicable to you.

You must now be looking at a bar with six categories. Look for Compliance Indicator.

If your tax clearance application was approved, you should see a green indicator stating ‘compliant’ under Compliance Indicator. If not approved you will see a red indicating stating ‘non compliant’.

If you are compliant, navigate to a ‘Select’ button next to Compliance Indicator. Select and then click on Print TCC.

With luck of no browser issues, you will be printing your Tax Clearance Certificate.

This article was lifted from our sister publication ProBonoMatters

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