A dispute with City of Johannesburg over rates and electricity bills: Please help

Posted on:
21 May 2017
Posted by:
cindy kruger

I have a huge problem with my City of Johannesburg electricity account; rates etc. This has become a complicated matter that needs a court order to correct and an account to audit and reconcile the figures. I have exhausted every possible way of having this done and its now at a critical point as i need to sell my house and i will be forced to pay money I don’t owe in terms of clearance figures. Please advise me as to who would be willing to help me take on this matter either on a pro bono or contingency basis. I am based in Johannesburg south. This has been going on for just over 3 years now and remains completely unresolved and in fact worsened by incompetent staff employed at the billing and city power offices.

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  1. Elaine

    We have just been landed with a R212 000 rates and taxes bill. Can you help it seems totally absurd.

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