My sister’s boyfriend is a menace to our family: Need advice to stop him

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23 Jun 2017
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Good day ProBonoMatters

I am writing this email on behalf om my sister who is facing gross abuse. She is currently in a situation where her ex boyfriend, whom she has two kids with, is blackmailing her and making up false stories about her. He is trying to make her name bad and is threatening to prevent her from seeing her kids.

Last year April, he left her with the two kids and also kicked them out of the house without any place to go. My mother and stepdad took them in and they lived with us for a few months. She is currently working full time at a furniture place where she doesn’t earn much.

Financially, she wasn’t capable to take care of both the kids. She and the boyfriend came to a conclusion that the kids would be, financially, taken care of, so they went to live with their dad. Nowadays, the father is making the children grandmother, also look bad saying that she is a bad mother for throwing away her kids when all she did was put them in a children home and doing what’s best for them. He even threatened her with her life saying that he will put her six feet underground.

He also laid false claims against my sister, saying that she smoked weed and therefore she is a bad mother and that she will never see her kids again. He wanted tests to be done that shows whether she is smoking weed. This is abuse.

As far as I know, he is a very aggressive and abusive  person and also has a drivers license that he bought. Other legal companies have contacted me before, looking for him as I have a tablet that I bought from him. I gave them his number so they could reach him.

It is devastating to see that a person can be so cruel towards the mother of his children. I really hope that you can help me with advice on what to do to stop this abuse.

Kind regards

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