Workplace armed robbery left me with a scar: What can i do?

Posted on:
21 Jun 2017
Posted by:
Nikki-John Henry

I was involved in a armed robbery almost 2 months ago at my workplace in Cape Town where the armed robbers used guns and tied 3 of us up.

The cops that came out were very abrupt and treated us like criminals and didn’t go according to procedure. Them and my workplace still have not found any trauma counselling for us yet even though I emailed my HR Managers asking for help and wanting to be informed about the case in every possible way.

This whole ordeal has affected me and has caused problems in my relationship. I sent my workplace a second mail almost a month after the first as I had no response whatsoever. I requested that I would like to take up a grievance. They also refuse any compensation.

I lost a few personal items, phone, laptop, house keys, car keys etc. Even so, we have had no feedback or any kinda of help or trauma counselling or information of what to do. Even on the case or how to apply for reminition. I am frustrated and aggravated and feel like they just don’t care.

Do I have a leg to stand on if i want to take matters further and who can I go to for help? Do I stand a good chance to get compensation at all?

Thank You Nikki-John Henry

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