I want to sue my former employer for gross violation of my rights

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17 Jul 2017
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Hello, Do you deal with human rights related to labour law? I have a very complicated case where I was assaulted with a poisonous substance in the workplace and when I tried to act on that his manager protected him and victimized me. He was both our manager. As a result I took on the manager by lodging a grievance directed to senior management… then senior management tried everything to avoid my grievance & made life hard for me. I suffered illness as a result of allergic reaction, as well as my fiance. They then thumb-sucked a way to suspend me for about 2,5 months before I was forced to resign. Hence constructive dismissal etc. Unfortunately as a result of lack of knowledge I filed constructive dismissal 1 working day late, but also didn’t know I had to accompany the document with condonation application document. Now I must fight for condonation which is 38 days late. I want to now sue the company for extreme inconvenience caused. I have more than enough reason & evidence needed to win this case.

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