Dismissed from work after failing polygraph test: Is it fair?

Posted on:
23 Aug 2017
Posted by:
Bongani Mathebula

I was subjected to a polygraph test due to money that went missing at work. Five people work directly with the said money box which is also accessible to others. Only four of us were asked to take the test.

I was told I failed the test, and also that I have to admit to taking the money as a result of the failed test. Failure in admitting to taking the money resulted in me being suspended as I was told it’s just procedure cause definitely I will be fired after the hearing.

Upon asking why is the fifth person not taking the test, I was told it’s because I was already found to be guilty hence there was no need to continue. Although I honestly don’t know anything about the missing money, I was suspended without any notice or charge sheet. Is this fair?

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