Shoddy building workmanship has left my property in a mess

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19 Sep 2017
Commercial, Property
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I entered into a contract with a builder to have a patio built. The initial quotation was expensive and I asked the builder to change the design to accommodate my budget. The builder came back with a more reasonable quotation by changing the construction material from steel to bricks and tiles. I accepted and paid him for the construction.

I was then informed by a 3rd party that the roof was not in line with standard building criteria and a danger. At this point I had a building assessor to come out and provide me with a professional opinion. The building assessor pointed out a host of flaws in the building.

When I advised the builder of the issues the response was that they do not agree with the report and stated that if the roof must be changed then it would be an additional cost of R20 000 and this after I had paid R33 000 on the initial agreement. They also advised that I did not have a plan hence why the building is in its current state.

I have also requested a refund for the labor and materials that have not been done/used as the building has been left incomplete. The only reason I had entered into this contract was the price was suitable and I assumed that I was getting complete product in line with proper building standards. The building has not passed inspection which is a requirement as I live in a sectional title complex.

Please can someone assist me with this matter.

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