Mechanic will not release my car: What can I do?

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3 Oct 2017
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Four months ago, I took my car to a mechanic for him to service and repair and I paid him for the service. A few days later he called me in to tell me the issues with the car. He gave me a quote and said it would take four days to fix the car.

I did not have the money at the time so I told him I would pay it on pay day. When I was paid I made 2 deposits on consecutive days and paid the total quote. He then said he would start work on it.

Ever since then, he always gives me a story of why the car is not ready, or he promises it would be ready “by Friday”. I then call him on the Friday to confirm collection and he does not pick up and when I see him he says I’m annoying him by calling him.

I have documented most of the visits, taken pictures etc. To date I have still not collected my car and he says he will not release it until it is ready. I have incurred multiple costs due to this including fuel costs, travel costs, phone calls etc in addition to the insurance, tracker and installments of the vehicle. I have suffered emotionally, financially and have had my time wasted by this gentleman. Is this something I can pursue legally?

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