Motor dealership sold me the car after tampering with the odometer

Posted on:
12 Oct 2017
Posted by:
Jacques Rossouw

To whom it may concern:
I bought a car and I found out from previous owner that the Odometer was tampered with and the kilos was turned back.
Proof: Testimony from previous owner and service book history, papers, car history dates.
My Lawyer: My Lawyer told me this Civil lawsuit is going to cost a lot of money(R20 000 – R40 000) when we go to court
Problem1: The Dealership is denying that they turned back the kilos on the Odometer and the Dealership lawyer wants to go to court even if he know he is going to loose. See the Dealership lawyer wants to make money. Problem: Going to cost me a lot money to sue (go to court) the Dealership. What I want: Only to return the car and get my money back.

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