Shoprite washes its hands off woman and child assault case

8 Oct 2017


Retailing group Shoprite seems to be washing its hands off the assault of a woman with a child inside its Usave/Shoprite shop in Cosmo City, north-west of Johannesburg.

In response to questions filed through email by ProBonoMatters, Shoprite said “Kindly contact the centre management of Cosmo City Centre for comment on this matter. The incident leading up to the shopping centre security guards’ actions occurred in the centre and not in Usave.”

We sent questions to Shoprite after a Facebook video showing security personnel at Usave/Shoprite in Cosmo City assaulting the woman went viral casing social media outrage.

It was suggested the woman was assaulted because her child had defecated just outside Usave/Shoprite shop.

The video shows three security personnel manhandling the handcuffed woman while her child weeps for mercy. A passerby customer filmed the assault inside Shoprite and is heard protesting that the woman has committed no crime and should not be assaulted.

The case is said to have drawn the attention of Gauteng community safety MEC, Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane, who is said to be livid and wants appropriate action to be taken against the culprits.


Nkosi-Malobane was said after she visited the scene after being alerted of the incident via social media.

She was quoted saying “I am very happy with the response from the police…”

“I am told one of the guards was handed over to police and will likely be charged and appear in court tomorrow‚” she said adding that the owners of the Moscow Centre had already apologised to Chaparadza and issued a public apology.

“We are still waiting for Shoprite to come and apologise to her‚ and issue a public apology. We have also appealed for the security company to hand over the other two guards‚ who disappeared today,” said the MEC.

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