Vodacom steals my 500MB within five minutes

16 Oct 2017

By: Sibonelo Radebe

Data snatching Vodacom was at it again in the early hours of this morning with close to 500MB of my data disappearing within five minutes leaving me with an automatic 10MB out of bundle purchase.

It’s still a mystery how I’ve managed to deplete my monthly allocation within 11 days when in my old contract I managed well with less than half of the current location for the whole month. But that’s a story for another day. A story I must take to ProBonoMatters and eventually to the National Consumer Commission of South Africa.

Malfunctioning Vodacom systems

After insomnia struck in the early hours of this morning, I wondered into the information highway. Nothing hectic I did. I was mainly browsing through Facebook and Google News just after 1am.

In a few minutes into my early morning browsing I got a message from Vodacom. It was alerting me that my night owl data had run out and I had 462MB of anytime data remaining.

I was shocked because I thought I had sorted this out. I visited a Vodacom store last month to have them look at my new iphone after experiencing data guzzling in the first month of my new contract.

They fiddled with the phone, switched of some applications. They told me I should be fine from now onwards.

I had upgraded my data allocation from 1.5Gigs to 10 Gigs. I upgraded because I found myself having to top up with 1 or 2 Gigs fortnightly. Alas! I seem to have opened the gates for data snatching. I then visited the Vodacom shop in Cresta Mall.

All seemed fine until this morning. Shortly after receiving that night owl notification another alert landed within a minute or so. It said I had less than 248MB of data bundle remaining. That means I was down by more than 200MB within a minute while I was on Facebook.

Another alert followed saying I now have less than 98MB and another saying less than 50MB.

And within five minutes from the first alert a fifth message landed saying I’ve run out of data bundles. Before I could lift a finger the sixth alert came in saying I’ve used 10MB out of data bundle.

I panicked as I was reminded of that R13 000 bill Vodacom once imposed on me under the scam called out of data bundle fees. I rushed into the Vodacom app to purchase a bundle but I couldn’t because the Vodacom system was misbehaving. It allowed me to choose the bundle size but could not proceed when I clicked the buy button. It returned an error message as captured in the screenshot embedded in this article. I tried more than five times to activate the buy button but dololo.

And then I noticed that even the capture of my bill so far was faulty as reflected in the other embedded screen shot. It said my bill so far was R1. How I wish.

But then this told me that the Vodacom system was malfunctioning which means that my data must be restored.


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