Can the body corporate lock me out of the estate because of levy arrears

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9 Nov 2017
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I’m a resident/owner in an enclosed estate. Our residential estate runs with a levy payment rule stating that monthly payments have to be in by the 9th. In the month of November 2017, I had not made levy payment by the 8th. And I received an SMS notification saying:

“Dear owner. Your levy account show arrears. Non-payment by the 9th of November 2017 will result in access restriction.”

I understand this to be saying that I will be denied access to the estate if I have not paid my levies before the 9th.

I did pay my levies on the 8th. But the message has left me wondering if the threat of denying me access to the estate can actually be followed through. The possibility that I might one day be denied access to my home because, for one reason or the other, I missed levy payment in one month, does not sit well in my mind.

Can they do this? Is it legal?

Extract from the Brookland 1 Estate rules

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