Prison officials have unjustly suspended my visiting privileges

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26 Dec 2017
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My husband is incarcerated in a state prison, and I’d been going to see him every weekend & visiting holiday, for the past five years.

Two months ago I went through the usual security check in procedure, to see my husband, with no indication of anything being off with their procedures. As soon as I stepped through the gate to head towards the visiting park, I was greeted by a female officer who instructed me to step into another room with her, in which I was met by a DEA Agent with a k9 dog, a duty warden, an Inspector General officer, 3 to 4 white shirt prison staff and another female officer, with a metal gate set up with a fan blowing on high, on one side and the k9 dog on the other side.

I was instructed to stand in between the metal gate and the fan, while the dog stood on the other side of the gate to sniff for drugs on me. To which the dog walked up and very lightly sniffed in my lower abdomen to my upper thigh area, only, and just stood there looking at me with a sad puppy dog look. To which they said was a positive ID for drugs on me, and got very hostile and verbally aggressive towards me, as they questioned me about what I had on me.

I told them I had nothing on me, and that there’s no way the dog made a positive ID for drugs on me, because I’ve never had anything to do with drugs, let alone ever been around any. But they insisted that I had to submit to a complete strip and cavity search, before I could see my husband. Of which I refused to do, because I wasn’t going to be humiliated and violated like that. All of which resulted in them lying and fabricating things to say that my visiting privileges have been suspended indefinitely because I refused to be searched, and said I was found in possession of unauthorized drugs, of which I never had.

So now I’m in desperate need for some legal help to fight this, so I can go see my husband again. Can someone please help me, or guide me to someone that can… Thank you so much.

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