Countdown to Cape Town’s Day Zero: 76 Days to go

26 Jan 2018


Its 76 days before Cape Town hits Day Zero, a day when water taps are set to run dry in the Mother City, due to a severe drought.

This countdown is based on the official expectation that Day Zero will be on the 12th of April 2017 which is much closer than the earlier expectation of April 21.

But it’s important to note that Day Zero is a moving target which can be pushed out or closer depending on the level of dams which are influenced by the rate of usage and hopefully rain.

The big question is when will Day Zero’s exact mark be known, if it comes?

The City of Cape Town authorities have outlined their approach as follows:

One week before the six dams providing water to the Western Cape Water Supply System are collectively projected to drop to 13.5%, the City will announce the date on which almost all the taps in Cape Town’s residential suburbs will be cut off.

As things stand, the dam levels are currently at 27.2% with 17.2% usable water left. The situation is dire.

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