Countdown to Cape Town’s Day Zero: 77 Days to go

25 Jan 2018


Its 77 days before Cape Town hits Day Zero, a day when water taps are set to run dry, due to a severe drought. But Day Zero, currently scheduled for 12 April 2018, can be pushed back and even be total avoided.

That is if Capetonians can cut back drastically on their water usage by observing the official restriction of 50 litres per person. Currently only 41% of Capetonians use 87 litres or less and the majority still use significantly more than the situation demands which can bring Day Zero forward.

Source: City of Cape Town

Here are some tips that will help to observe the 50 litre per person limit:

  • Two showers per week will
  • 90 seconds shower will do
  • Don’t rush to flush
  • Wash your hands less: Sanitize instead
  • Don’t rinse dishes under running water



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