Countdown to Cape Town’s Day Zero: Daily information packets

24 Jan 2018

By: ProBonoMatters

We launch this countdown to Cape Town’s Day Zero, 12 April 2017, with much trepidation about what will become of the Mother City, the day after #Day Zero.

That’s because so many things can go wrong if this event is not properly managed and we feel that many people in Cape Town itself, across all of South Africa and throughout the world seem to underestimate the gravity of #Day Zero.

Let’s put things into perspective here:

  • Day Zero means almost all water taps in the city’s residential suburbs will run dry.
  • There won’t be flush water either
  • Public (schools and health facilities) and commercial premises without alternative supplies will also be affected.
  • A state of emergency in water supply terms and possibly in political terms will be in place
  • Cape Town’s 4-million citizens will have to fetch water from 200 Points of Distribution (PoDs)
  • The maximum allocation will be 25 litres per person/100 litres per household
  • It’s assumed that an average family comprises four persons
  • Larger families should register and provide proof of additional numbers through identity documents.
  • About 5,000 people will congregate at each PoD every day which can create a logistical nightmare.
  • It’s impossible for individuals to carry, by hand, 100 litres of water allocated for a family of four every day. Transport services will be required.
  • This state of emergency in water supply might last for about three months.
  • Normal policing will be entirely inadequate which calls for extraordinary security services plan

And so Western Cape premier, Helen Zille, describes the Day Zero’s prospects as a type that “exceeds anything a major City has had to face anywhere in the world since the Second World War or 9/11.”

ProBonoMatters is of the view that Capetonians, supported by all South Africans, can handle the unfolding challenge smoother if we work together. And distribution of information will play a major role in this mission.

As such, our daily Countdown to Cape Town’s Day Zero will come with packets of useful information.

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