Barrister Austin Okeke: On Zuma’s departure, Kabila, Mugabe and Buhari

11 Feb 2018

By: Barrister Austin Okeke

The imminent resignation of South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma will come to add to a bout of good political news sweeping through the African continent, from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Zimbabwe. The disastrous leadership of Big-Men who wish to rule forever is falling. Muhammadu Buhari should be next in line.

Good news emanating from the DRC is that President Joseph Kabila has finally broken the awkward silence on his political future.

Joseph Kabila recently announced that he will not stand for the next elections in the DRC this year. He has decided to bow out after more than 15 years in power. He succeeded his late father Laurent Kabila who was assassinated in a palace coup few years after he dethroned Mobutu Sese Seko; the strong man of Zaire now the DRC.

This is a healthy development for the African Continent and especially the poor citizens of this rich continent who have been held hostage by their leaders for centuries.

Joseph Kabila follows on the heels of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe who was ousted last year by his cronies. Mugabe had planned to install his wife Grace as his successor before he was disgraced out of the presidency.

South Africans wait with their hearts in their mouths hoping that Zuma would resign anytime from now after he too failed in his attempt to install his wife, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma as his successor.

What a show of shame!

Next on the line of course is Buhari of Nigeria who has no clue of what to do with his position as the civilian President of Nigeria. He failed woefully as a military ruler in the mid 1980; it is no surprise to many that he has again failed himself but not Nigerians.

Buhari must fall. By the time he does, he plans to leave a trail of destruction and wreckages and misery for well-meaning and true Nigerians, but he will again fail in his evil plans. Failure is in his DNA.

Jericho wall must fall!

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