Countdown to Cape Town’s Day Zero: 73 Days to go

2 Feb 2018


Its 73 days to go before Cape Town hits #Day Zero, a day when water taps are set to run dry in South Africa’s second largest city with a population of four million. The city has been hit by drought weather condition three years in a row.

If and when Day Zero comes people will have to complement their water with alternative sources. The question in many people’s minds is: What is the easiest way to make water safe to drink?

document issued by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) makes some valuable inputs.

“The most important is to make sure that water is free of microbes (bacteria, viruses and protozoa) to prevent diarrhoeal outbreaks. Chemicals dissolved in the water (such as nitrates) are a less acute health threat when you are only drinking this water for a short time.  People with compromised immune systems, babies and the sick should use bottled or tap water as far as possible.  The simplest and safest way to ensure the microbial safety of drinking water is to boil it. You need to give it a long boil for at least three minutes to ensure that the microbes are killed. Remember, that if you are using alternate sources after Day Zero – this treatment is only necessary for the volumes of water you are going to drink or cook with.”

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