Miway Insurance face wrath of Zulu King after embarrassing audio clip is leaked

11 Feb 2018


Insurance business, Miway, is facing the wrath of the Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini, after a double boo-boo left the King unimpressed and seeking legal action.

First, a Miway call centre agent is said to have accidentally called the King and addressed him by his name, something considered a blasphemy by the Zulu royalty. And then the clip was leaked to the public.

This angered the King who issued stern warning against the insurance business and threatened legal actions. A statement released by the Zulu Royal Family said Miway actions are highly disrespectful and were a “violation of the the Consumer Protection Act” which guarantees “right to privacy”.

Here follows the  Zulu Royal Family statement:

The Royal Family is inundated with calls from concerned ordinary members of society following the leaking of a recorded conversation between Miway insurance employee and His Majesty.

In what the Royal Family regard as a violation of privacy, the sales agent phoned His Majesty and addressed him by his name. In the Zulu culture, it is highly disrespectful for anyone to address His Majesty by his first name.

Though the employee was remorseful after His Majesty had reprimanded him, we are disappointed that instead of making a formal apology, Miway insurance leaked this audio clip to the members of the public.

We do not only consider this as an insult to the Zulu Nation but we believe that it is an indication of a high level of intolerance of the culture and customs of indigenous people of this country.

Our King is not only the direct heir and descendant of all the Zulu Kings but is also the custodian of the Zulu traditions and customs. He has consistently upheld the timeless culture of respect which is the foundation upon which the Zulu nation is built.

We wish to inform the nation that the Royal Family is seeking legal guidance to explore possibilities of taking legal action against Miway.

It is our view that Miway should be punished for the violation of the Consumer Protection Act. The act guarantees the “right to privacy” and “right to fair and responsible marketing.”

In addition, the Royal Family will be lodging a complaint with Adv Pansy Tlakula who is the Information Regulator. It is quite clear that Miway has violated the Protection of Personal Information Act. The Information Regulator is mandated to enforce compliance with act which promotes the protection of personal information by public and private bodies.

Finally, we commend His Majesty for his calmness during his conversation with the sales agent. As the Father of the nation, we appreciate the role of His Majesty in building a just and moral society in our province and the country as a whole.


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