Cape Town’ Day Zero moves out of the 2018 calendar

8 Mar 2018


The City of Cape Town seems to have pushed the apocalyptic like Day Zero of the 2018 calander but authorities remain cautious and are warnung that consumption must remain low in order to ensure the city has escape Day Zero.

Cape Town City’s Executive Deputy Mayor, Alderman Ian Neilson, said Day Zero is now projected to occur on 27 August 2018, if there was to be no rainfall. “As this date falls deep within the normal rainfall period, it is no longer appropriate to project the date without any consideration of rainfall. Thus, provided we continue our current water savings efforts, Day Zero can be avoided completely this year. It is now up to all of us. If we keep on saving, we will not have to queue for water this year.”


Neilsonadded that “I would therefore like to urge all Capetonians not to relax their savings efforts. While we are feeling more confident of avoiding Day Zero this year, we cannot predict the volume of rainfall still to come. If winter rainfall this year is as low as last year, or even lower, we are still in danger of reaching Day Zero early next year.

“Now is the time to entrench our water saving habits and ensure that the behavioural shift we have undergone in the past months becomes second nature.”

He noted that more and more Capetonians have met the challenge by lowering their consumption. “Our water map shows a 5% increase in the number of households that used less than 6 kilolitres a month in January, as compared to December (see link below).

“Our challenge now is to continue reinforcing these behaviour changes, and to spread the message among our communities, at the workplace, at home, at school. Everywhere we go, we have an opportunity to act as water ambassadors and ensure that each and every Capetonian is aware of the seriousness of the situation. There is no shortage of water-saving resources that can be distributed to ensure that everyone gets the message.”

He said the city is continuing to roll out its pressure demand management programme, and installing water meters at the homes of high water users. “Together with our residents, we can bring consumption down to the required 450 MLD. If we redouble our efforts to ensure that every single resident uses no more than 50 litres of water a day, we will not only beat Day Zero this year but also avoid it next year.”

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