I am disabled, sickly and facing a ruthless landlord. Please help!

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13 Mar 2018
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I am disabled, sickly and unable to work a normal job inspite of my qualifications & thus very poor. I have been having a lot of problem with my ruthless landlady. She is now threatening to evict me because I dared to complain. I have no where to go, can’t afford any more rent, can’t afford another move & are unable to do the physical packing & moving. She has been making my life miserable by bullying me & my poor parents, deceiving & lying to me & my parents to get me to move into this place, and when the truth came to light and I complained about only a single large problem I have been treated rudely, falsely acused, bullied into silence & threatened. She refuse to speak to me in person to hear my side, but only send me, and my parents, sms’s. Now she has told me to get out. I put in a lot of effort to be an excellent renter & bother no one around me. Considering the trouble I go through to be a desent neigbour & lessee, I think it is unreasonable to be treated so badly by my landlord. I desperately need someone to protect & defend me against her, urgently. I have tried Legal Aid, whom simply brushed me off, as well as Clientel Legal, which took my money, but when I called on them for this situation they had all sorts of vague excuses, and I had to cancel a contract I paid for dilligently every month, but got nothing for it, but a loss of money I can ill afford.

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