ProBonoMatters leads a pledge to assist Cape Town beat day zero.

9 Mar 2018


ProBonoMatters has launched an online petition, styled as a pledge to assist Cape Town beat day zero.

ProBonoMatters is a new media platform designed to serve public good campaigns. In line with this mission ProBonoMatters is setting out to galvanise all of South Africa to support the #Beat-DayZero campaign.

The campaign is shaping up through a number of legs, one of which is the online petition which asks South Africans to pledge their solidarity to the Beat-DayZero campaign.

The petition is designed to raise consciousness around the unfolding Cape Town water crisis. The petition opens up by declaring that: “We the people of South Africa, with solidarity sourced across the globe, hereby pledge to Beat-DayZero.”

It continues to say “We hereby take a stand to work together towards reversing the unfolding water crisis in Cape Town and beyond –bearing in mind that the Eastern Cape and Northern Cape provinces are fast descending into a crisis point as well. And being cognisant of the fact that the whole of South Africa; large parts of the southern African region in fact, are locked onto the same dry path.”

The petition also sets out to highlight and discourage the political divide that seems to stand in the way of efforts to Beat-DayZero.

It notes that “Fear is setting in and emotions are soaring. Narrow minded political posturing is not helping the situation. A blame game has come to rule while the crisis escalates further. If not properly managed, the situation can become catastrophic. That’s more so for the most vulnerable sections of society.

Our pledge, says the petition, comes with two angles. “We will do everything within our powers to push back Day Zero as far as possible and into permanent oblivion if nature allows. And if DayZero comes, we will work together to ensure that its effects are minimalised. We will work in a manner that sets a sustainable precedent for all of humanity.
We rise with the knowledge and confidence, informed by history, that by working together we will triumph.”

People can sign the petition by simply following a link pushed to them and typing their name, surname and email address.

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